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General Dentist

Regular check-ups prevent diseases and other long-term problems with teeth. During your annual visit, we will also give you instructions and tips for maintaining good oral health at home. If seeing a dentist causes you anxiety or stress, please let us know so that we can accommodate your specific needs.

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Specialist Dentist

We have united top dental care professionals under one roof. Our experienced team of experts is happy to help you in all matters related to oral and dental health. We also see patients referred to us by other clinics.

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Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist examines patients of all ages, helps maintain good oral health and prevents and treats infectious diseases. Hohde’s dental hygienist services are rooted in customer wellbeing, patient safety and the best possible care.

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Service voucher customers

If you have received a service voucher from your municipality's health service, you can choose a place of business from the service providers approved by your municipality.

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esteettinen hammashoito

Aesthetic dentistry

In aesthetic dentistry, a misaligned tooth or misaligned teeth are corrected with invisible Invisalign aligners or traditional orthodontic treatments. Once the occlusion is in order, your smile can be made even more beautiful with whitening, veneers or crowns. Aesthetic dentistry aims at a natural end-result that compliments your appearance.

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Ceramic restoration

Ceramic restoration offers a durable and natural method for treating damaged teeth. It can also be used in aesthetic dentistry and to restore collapsed bite. Treatment is planned and implemented individually and adjusted to your own occlusion. The end result looks and feels natural.

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Prosthetics and dental implants

Implants provide a means to replace missing teeth and anchor removable dentures in place. Vast experience, digital treatment planning and continuous learning and training have made us the frontrunners in modern implant dentistry in Finland. We also make removable dentures and traditional bridges and crowns.

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The objective of orthodontic treatment is to achieve a functionally good and aesthetically pleasing bite pattern. There are many different kinds of orthodontic treatments, and the appliances used are always chosen based on the individual needs of the patient.

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There are so few dental specialists in Finland that multiprofessional cooperation is very challenging outside hospitals. However, cooperation and consultations are essential if we want to provide patients the best possible care.

This led to the idea to unite all the best experts under one roof – at Hohde.

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