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Dental hygienist services

A dental hygienist helps you maintain good oral health and provides you with preventive care. It is recommended to have your teeth checked and cleaned by a dental hygienist regularly. This helps you avoid bigger issues in the future. For instance, periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of teeth, progresses slowly and deceptively from gingivitis.

Your dental hygienist provides you with precise information of the state of your oral health, professional dental care and instructions and advice for home care. If necessary, the dental hygienist refers you to a dentist or a specialist dentist.

An expert on maintaining good oral health

At Hohde, dental hygienists take part in clinical oral health care both independently and as members of a multi-professional team.

At Hohde clinics, dental hygienist services include e.g.

• Examination of oral health

• Creation of treatment plan

• Tartar scaling

• Soda cleaning

• Teeth whitening

• Home care advice and guidance

Oral health examination and evaluation for aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry and cleaning treatments, such as soda cleaning and teeth whitening, are available to customers of all ages. However, before starting aesthetic dentistry, your mouth must receive a clean bill of health. Your visit begins with our dental hygienist examining your oral health. This examination includes checking your old fillings, gum health and the basic health of your teeth. If there are no issues with your basic oral health, the dental hygienist continues with tartar scaling.

Tartar scaling

Tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque caused by precipitation of minerals from saliva and bacteria in the mouth. Tartar can easily cause inflammation of gum tissue around the base of your teeth. Tartar can be scaled with an ultrasonic scaling device or a manual scaler, depending on what the customer prefers. In most treatments, both scaling methods are used. After the scaling, soda cleaning is used to enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Soda cleaning

Soda cleaning is a very efficient way of removing extrinsic stains caused by coffee, tea or smoking from the surfaces, grooves and gaps in your teeth. After the stains are removed, your teeth look much fresher and glossier and feel smooth and clean all around. This smile-upgrading cleaning can be also done during your orthodontic treatment.

The cleaning requires only one visit – your teeth are cleaned with soda powder and air polishing, finished off with a fluorine rinse. The whole session takes only about a half an hour, and the treatment can be repeated several times a year if necessary. Soda cleaning should also be done when you are considering having your teeth whitened, as your teeth can be examined at the same to make sure teeth whitening is an option for you.

Teeth whitening

We use laser whitening at most Hohde clinics. A medical laser is the only kind of light with a wavelength long and steady enough for the operation. Using a medical laser makes whitening teeth fast and efficient. A medical laser also whitens discoloured dentine efficiently, unlike other light. Traditional light treatments require a longer activation time and may increase the sensitivity of your teeth. As the activation time of a medical laser is short, it allows the whitening of even sensitive teeth.

One 90-minute appointment is enough to get a long-lasting result. Teeth whitening always requires a clean bill of oral health. If you are unsure of how to proceed, book a consultation with our dental hyginest at omahohde.fi.

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