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Hohde is a Finnish specialist dental clinic.
We offer a wide range of services from general dentistry to extensive specialised treatments.
At Hohde, you will be looked after by an interdisciplinary team of experts.

Lifelong oral health with implant teeth

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Improved quality of life with dental care

Top-quality dental care can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Ceramic bridges and teeth whitening can create natural-looking teeth and a truly bright smile.

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“I can honestly say that because of the whitening and the new front teeth, my quality of life is now better.”

Lue Larin hoitotarina

Invisalign orthodontic treatment

In Invisalign orthodontic treatment, the teeth are straightened using transparent plastic aligners. Read about Sanna’s experiences with Invisalign therapy and Hohde.

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“Invisalign treatment is an easy way to get straighter teeth without visible braces.It almost feels as though the teeth realigned on their own!”

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Lifelong oral health with implant teeth

Dental implant treatments let anyone enjoy natural looking and feeling teeth. They can also be used to anchor full dentures and provide a more secure and stable fit. We are the forerunners of modern dental implant treatment in Finland.

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Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth can be challenging to clean.If wisdom teeth cause you any trouble, it is best to have them removed. 

“It’s nice to know that my teeth are in great shape!”

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