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Täytä yhteystietosi, niin otamme sinuun mahdollisimman pian yhteyttä!



I have taken good care of my teeth over the years and had them checked at least once a year. My front teeth have crowns because they broke when I fell over when I was 13. Living with the crowns has been pretty smooth, though of course they need some maintenance once in a while. Aside from that,

I take care of my teeth normally, brushing them twice a day. I have also whitened my teeth every now and then.

As I get older, my lower teeth have started to slightly shift in the wrong direction, which is why orthodontic treatment has been suggested to me a few times over the years. When a dentist I know recommended Hohde, I decided to take their advice. My work is public in nature, and I perform a lot, so it would be nicer to have a straight set of teeth.



The treatment started with a consultation appointment, during which the specialist dentist assessed my need for treatment. The dentist’s wonderfully clear and professional way of telling me about the treatment convinced me from the start, and I knew that I wanted the treatment to be provided here. We also talked about my wishes regarding the treatment and agreed that my smile should remain natural.

As orthodontic treatment can only start if the mouth is completely healthy,

after that initial appointment I had a few appointments with basic dental care services to check the condition of my old fillings and take care of all the details. Dental procedures are not the most comfortable in the world, but the dentist’s reassuring manner helped me overcome even my minor feelings of discomfort and fear.


My mouth is now completely healthy, and the orthodontic treatment with

invisible aligners is just about to start. I look forward to seeing how it will feel and what life with the aligners will be like!

Everyone who is nervous about going to the dentist or finds it to be stressful should visit Hohde. Their dentists and dental nurses are highly professional and very approachable.

The treatment is always pleasant, and I have learned that even going to the dentist can be a nice experience!

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