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Täytä yhteystietosi, niin otamme sinuun mahdollisimman pian yhteyttä!


Why did you go to the dentist?

I take care of my teeth every day. I brush them in the morning and in the evenings and sometimes also during the day. I’m not good at cleaning between my teeth, however.

I wanted to make sure that my teeth are perfectly healthy before any other procedures.
During the dental examination, the dentist discovered some cavities and tartar that needed to be taken care of. My teeth hurt from time to time, but luckily there was nothing more serious. I was curious about teeth whitening, and had been considering it for a while. Now that I got enough information about whitening, I wanted to try it.

Why did you pick Hohde?

I had heard positive things about Hohde in advance. The experience met my expectations, and the service has been excellent. I used to be afraid of the dentist, but now this fear is completely gone.

What kind of treatment did you receive?

The treatment started with a visit to the Tikkurila clinic where Pasi and I had several appointments. First they removed the tartar and then filled my cavities. Finally, they made the teeth whitening moulds. Pasi was very good at explaining each treatment phase and warned in advance if something might feel unpleasant. He also gave honest feedback about the condition of my teeth. I think there were six appointments in total.

I can warmly recommend Hohde, and Pasi in particular, to everyone. He is empathetic, and he was very understanding about my past fear of dentists. I can also recommend teeth whitening, as Hohde provides comprehensive advance information and the whitening process itself is simple. You can also control how white teeth you want your teeth to be.

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