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Terms of use of the web site of Hammas Hohde Oy

By opening this web site, you agree to comply with these terms of use. If you do not accept these terms of use, do not use this web site. These terms of use are appliable to the web sites of the Hammas Hohde group and the companies belonging to the group (hereinafter “Hammas Hohde”). The web sites of Hammas Hohde may also contain specific terms applicable to provided services, in which case these such terms shall apply in addition to, and take precedence over, these terms of use.


The main service provider of the web site is Hammas Hohde Oy, Koljonniemenkatu 2, 70100 Kuopio, tel. 010 5050 830.

Hammas Hohde grants the right to view and download material contained in this web site for personal and non-commercial use only, and subject to the user preserving all copyright notices and other notices regarding ownership contained in the original material in all copies made from such material. Material contained in this web site cannot be modified in any way, copied, or displayed publicly, performed, distributed or otherwise used for a public or commercial purpose without the prior written consent of Hammas Hohde. The use of the material contained in this web site for any purpose on other web sites or on-line computing environments is forbidden.

All rights, including copyright, to the material contained in this web site are the property of Hammas Hohde Oy. The logo of Hammas Hohde is a trade mark of Hammas Hohde, and the logo many not be used without the consent of Hammas Hohde.

The use of press releases, contractual terms and conditions, price lists and other material intended to be public may be used for public communication, subject to the source of the information being mentioned when used.

Hammas Hohde shall have the right, at any time, and without prior notice, and for any reason, to change the terms and conditions of use of the web site, the web site’s layout and appearance, content, availability and services provided via the web site, or other properties, or terminate the service. Hammas Hohde shall have the right to suspend the supply of the service during service and maintenance breaks.


Hammas Hohde shall not be liable for direct or indirect damages that are caused by the use or unavailability of this web site or on-line services, or damages related thereto. Hammas Hohde does not warrant that the web site works without interruptions or errors. The information published on the web site of Hammas Hohde is produced only for informational purposes and without commitment, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

Hammas Hohde assumes no liability to materials produced or published by third parties, that may be linked to from the web site.

The user shall be responsible for the correctness of information the user provides via the web site as well as for the ensuring that the information is received. The user represents and warrants that it will not send to the web site any illegal or improper material. The user shall use all reasonable efforts to make sure that sent material does not contain viruses or is harmful in other ways.


Hammas Hohde processes personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Legislation and applicable legislation and ensures privacy when processing personal data. User information collected when using services requiring a registration form a part of the customer register of Hammas Hohde or the OmaHohde personal data file and the information is only used for purposes stated in the privacy policies of these personal data files. The privacy policies are available on the web site of Hammas Hohde.

Hammas Hohde may collect, process and analyze information on the use of the web site, web traffic, transactions and other statistical information related to the web site. Hammas Hohde may also acquire such information from third parties.


The privacy of email messages sent over a public network cannot be guaranteed. Users must refrain form sending personal data or other confidential information to Hammas Hohde via email. Hammas Hohde shall have no obligation to fulfil assignments or service requests communicated through unencrypted email. Hammas Hohde shall have the right to send the user information upon the user’s request to an email address designated by the user. Hammas Hohde assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages caused by messages sent over an open network.


These terms and conditions and any possible disputes arising from the web site or its contents are subject to the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising from these terms of use shall be primarily resolved by negotiations between parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations, the dispute may be resolved in the district court of Helsinki.


The web site of Hammas Hohde uses cookies. Cookies are items of information related to the use of the web site, that are stored on the device of the user. We can use cookies to develop our web site’s functionalities and services, to and ensure that they correspond better to the needs of the web site’s users.

Cookies containing anonymized identifiers may be used to store e.g IP-address, the time of the visit, visited web pages, browser type (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox), the web address from which the browser has come to the web site, and the server from which the browser has come to the web site. The information in the cookie is also used to normal targeting of advertisements, so that anonymized browser groups may be shown advertisements e.g. in Facebook with its re-advertisement feature. The information contained in the Cookie cannot be used to identify a person. Hammas Hohde also engages in web advertising without cookies.

If you do not want cookies to be stored onto your computer, you can block their use. This can be done from the settings of your web browser, e.g. under privacy settings. You can also block cookies when you enter the web site of Hammas Hohde. Cookies can be switched on at any time. The use of on-line booking of appointments, as well as the OmaHohde service requires the use of cookies. The use of cookies ensures that our web site works correctly for you.


The on-line booking of appointments of Hammas Hohde collects information on the users’ use of the service using Google Analytics. This information is used to develop the service.

The collected information consists of information regarding the browser (OS, browser, display resolution), internet connection, browsed pages and information related to such pages (such as time spent on a page), and from where the visit to the page has come from (e.g. advertisement or web site).

All information is stored fully anonymously, so the information cannot be connected to a person or to an IP address. In other words, the analytics do not collect any information that can be used to single out or identify a user. In situations where the web site identifies the user, personal data is not collected to Google Analytics. The information is not used for marketing purposes and it is not transferred to third parties.


The web services of Hammas Hohde use cookies of third parties such as social media services, advertisement technology suppliers, and metrics suppliers.

Examples of third party services we use:


We use Facebook metrics to monitor the functionality of advertisements, to evaluate the appeal of our content and to develop our user experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service used on our web sites that we use to monitor traffic and the behavior of web site users. We use Google Analytics to develop the user experience of our web sites.


Hotjar is an analytics and metrics tool that builds heat maps, that we use to illustrate clicks of users, time spent on a page and movement around the page. We use the tool to develop the usability of our services.

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